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"Please Share Anchants (page) far and wide Jah People. Big and Nuff thanks to King Arif of Anchants (Roots Reggae) Band. Brotha Arif and his tribe have been the epitome of kind and hospitable to my family and I the whole while since day one pon di island. To say "above and beyond" would be an understatement. By way of mutual friends and Rasta Music we go back many years as he and his Queen once held residence in the Carolinas. His reggae prowess precedes him. It is my great and humble pleasure to present to you Words, Sound, and Power via ANCHANTS... Your roots rocking reggae soul will be satisfied. Ps. You will hear a "Haile" familiar sound when you "chune" in. That St. Croix flava in ya ear. “
Kimberly McSmith
July 25, 2021
"Word, sound and power"
Cornelia Citronnelle
"So relevant in this time 2021 "
Abyla Rene
"The Real Roots people's give thanks, the World need silence #Anchants"
"True ARTS. Give thanks. May our ancestors be pleased and respected. Infinite Gratitude. "
Ras Chapati
"Peace and Blessings. Always current, always relevant, always truth, always powerful. Much love."
Pleasing Palate
"You are killing it ! I spent a year 1/2 on St. Croix hooking up the power after the hurricanes and would see you around . I wish I met you . You spit fire and truth! Keep it going cause you got it going on."

History & Performances


Relocated to North Carolina, USA; Creation of VIbrant Films for documenting what was happening in the world of the VI reggae music of St. Croix


Anchants formed in Raleigh, NC.


Anchants began performing with the VI-Raleigh-Caribbean Pageant in Garner, NC.

Anchants perform at Una’s restaurant in Raleigh, NC.

Anchants hosted event which also featured Ras Batch, Ras Attitude and The Zioineers at Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant in Raleigh, NC.


Anchants perform at private venue in Statesville, NC.

Anchants perform at Lincoln Theater in Raleigh, NC.

Anchants perform at Club Bounce in Durham, NC.

Anchants perform at Bahir Dar Ethiopian Restaurant in Hampton, VA.

Anchants performed at Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC


Began the works for VIbrance The Arts (“Music, Culture, Arts, Life”) in Raleigh, NC


VTA first release, “Serenity” featured Empress Cherisse.


Second VTA release, “Merkaba” was collaborative work with Empress Cherisse, featuring Anchants.


Anchants perform


Anchants perform: @ Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC; Lincoln Theater in Raleigh, NC; and performed twice in Wilmington, NC


First performance on STX at “St. Croix Unite Roots Reggae Festival” featuring Cherisse King, Anchants, Sekou, Ambush, Jr. P, Harry Mo, Ima, and headliners, Ras Batch and Ras Attitude.


Guest performances on island at Budhoe Park, Eat @ Cane Bay, Dub in the Rainforest (1-3), and Dub at the Fish Market


VTA release number 3:  “Earth I Say!”, ep



  • Corner Pocket, Kings Hill, St. Croix USVI; 
  • UCA/M20 Frederiksted, St. Croix

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Anchants Bio

“Anchants” (an-chants): “Sing songs of praise ‘And Chants’ for the Most High”…

…VIbrance The Arts’ recording Artist spiraling out of St. Croix, Virgin Islands, where it is rapidly becoming the other Island in the Caribbean known for authentic roots reggae music – and with good reason.  “Anchants” is another name on the list of good reasons.  

The spirit behind the sound, Arif Anwar, relocated in 2000, from St.Croix to Raleigh, North Carolina. In February, 2002, the inspiration for the sound was harnessed, giving birth to “Anchants”, a term that derives from Arif’s personal mantra. Thus he developed VIbrance The Arts (VTA), as an independent record label started that same year, to assist in the recording and publishing of his musical interpretations.  

Working with a number of musicians from North Carolina to New York, the sound matured.  In 2007, VTA released its first production, “Serenity”, the debut for Reggae Songstress Empress Cherisse. 2008 would mark the release of the second production, “Merkaba”, an Anchants/Empress Cherisse compilation. These works exemplified the unique sound of Anchants, since Arif not only composed, he also produced the music. Playing drums, bass, keys, and percussion, he also wrote, arranged and sang his own pieces.

Arif would return to St. Croix in 2011, bringing with him the sounds that were bubbling in his head when he left the island. While VIbrance The Arts continued the works with the 2015 release, “Earth I Say!”, ep. The album would mark the official solo release for Anchants and features music from Jordan Jones of Iaahden Sounds (STX).  Followed by the singles “Kumunity” featuring Blakness Creese, and “Blakk Woman” in 2017. Continuing with the singles, “Binghi”, “Earth”, and “Penny Trait” in 2020. And so far for 2021, we have the single, “Chatty”. VTA would also produce music videos for most of Anchants music.

Definitely an alternative to the norm, as far as roots music is concerned, based on sound and lyrical content, the composition and its translations on stage make for an experience that compels you to begin to study “Arifmatics”.  More than a lyricist, with the genius behind the songwriting, he becomes historian, human rights activist, a rebel youth, as well as a concerned father and citizen of our global community. Whether familiar with the work of Anchants or not, from the time you press play, you are in for a meditative journey!


​Current Musical Contributors to Anchants' sound:

Ricky “Tuffy” Richards: Lead Guitar

Joseph Gell: Drums

Stephen Ra “Gyptian”: Bass Guitar

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