Penny Trait


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"ANCHANTS Penny Trait Recorded in its entirety on St.Croix Virgin Islands. Anchants Penny Trait is the result of two great musical entities coming together for the first time, VIbrance The Arts and Ras Elyment Records. Composer, musician and recording engineer Lyndon S. Williams (Ras L) brings his musical elements to the table with the "Live Matik Riddim". He is also the chief musician, featured on all instruments. Lead vocalist, writer and publisher Arif Anwar delivers in a way that can only be regarded as timely and priceless. Penny Trait is an allegoric piece. Which talks about the injustices musicians face in the constant short change business. Among other things, it's also a reminder to the musicians, artists and supporters alike, to maintain to spiritual integrity in their works." "Penny Trait The Riddim go deep in the sound...use the word as a positive tool."

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