1. Chatty

From the recordings Chatty and Chatty

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Composed/mixed/arranged/recorded: Arif Anwar.
Guitars: Brian Best.
Bass, live drums, percussions: A. Anwar.
Keyboards: Neal Boyek.
Lyrics: written/performed/recorded by Arif Anwar
@ VTA Recording Studio.
Published/Copyright: VIbrance The Arts (ASCAP).


Chat, chat, chat, hear them a chat. Chat, chat, a what them a chat bout?
Youth man on the street don’t you sell no guns! Dem type a thing they cause a next flesh fe done. Better you did chant up a Psalm and gwan seek some wisdom, pick up the tools of the garden man and gwan in the ground. The goodness inna your spirit I man did sight it from young. Just babylon design in away fe mek you soul bun. The lying of a tongue it is abomination good works and word help defuse the nuclear bomb. Africa the origin where life come from! Nothing is more imperative than the Now! Build up yourself wisdom and the application is how, spine firm shoulders straight culture man don’t bow! Deep breath control the blood flow, water inna the spout. Practice grammar cause this is wa come out a you mouth. If you never did seek it out then what you talking about, tell me a wha you a chat bout, a wa you a chat bout? Dem too..
Chatty (x2) but them na feed smady’ all a de word sound them fling so empty. Like when belly empty poor people never with plenty. The greed of one family got the world in a nickel and dime society. And them so chatty them mek the media control psyche. Merkaba the breath Melchizedek as the spiritual authority. A na I be, just a vessel being used by the Almighty. Man them chatty, them just so chatty.

Now the livity, whole ton a man a chant Selassie just for them say irie. Give de reason fe come inna’ you yard smoke you cali. Never did know the facts the Truths and Rights dem think it did joke so we hit them a Bruce Lee. A She, a She, Queen Omega stand firm the Almighty! His Imperial Majesty claim power of the Trinity, bless the day the second of November when Mama birth me not to mention July 23. You no see, you no see, the pope done dead and gone a next man come and replace he. Who sit on the thrown of Mama Sheba? None of them are worthy! Lion over the earth protecting the planes of the Serengeti, them just so chatty.

You no hear a no I be, it’s just the fact that be happens to be, into the age of Aquarius come out the age of Pisces. Water be free, upon the Earth rejuvenation’s purity. Deity is the greatest good and balance of charkas in you body. Chemistry; study and knowledge of how things come to harmony. This make all the arts from science to music a necessity. No accident, put it in your curriculum intentionally, you need some mathematics to achieve their kind of diplomacy.

Fire bun them, think is a joke man. You get a chance to speak, you get up on the mic and you de de talking bout baby shake your booty? Fire bun them!