From the recording Kumunity ft. Blakness Creese

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ANCHANTS “Kumunity” ft. Blakness Creese Executive Producer: Arif Anwar.
Music By: Medhani Alem Band.
Drums/Percussion: Ras Yoseph Bass/Guitar/Percussion: Jah Angelo Keys: Sister B Percussion: Gabre Selassie Melodica: Tippy I. Recorded at Aqua Sounds Studio by Laurent “Tippy” Alfred.

Vocals: Written/Performed by Arif Anwar.
Additional Vocals: Emogen “Blakness” Creese.
Recorded at Hilltop Sounds Studio by Murchison Charles Jr.
Mixed and Mastered at Sound V.I.Zion Records by Ras Batch.

(C)(P) VIbrance The Arts (ASCAP) * 2016 All Rights Reserved.


Structure, foundation, principals, values, ethics…we need our Kulture!

A oy, ah oy, aaaaaah, ah ah ah.
Kumunity (4x’s). Wa happen to we Kumunity (3 x’s).
Yeh eh.
It’s just a matter of opinion that mek a man mention the things that come to his brain.
It’s just a matter of the situation, the circumstance that mek his utterance a complaint.
It’s just a matter that matter is not even the beginning. Everything resides in the spiral of the spheres.
When they tell you that you can’t, one thing is for certain they only try and increase your fear, and destroy our Kumunity (4x’s). Wa happen to we Kumunity (2x’s). Wa happen to the elders in the rocking chair on the gallery and the yutes dem playing marble in the yard?
This one yah straight from the mentality. When it comes to our people, like there’s no partiality. All this division, classism and aristocracy amongst we. Got the women dem caught In all kind of carnal activity. The man and dem just as guilty. They applaud and mek it rain money. Our actions identify we don’t know who we be.
When the yute dem turn up, we quick to point the finger at somebody. Wa happen to the responsibility, mommy and daddy, and our Kumunity (4x’s). Wa happen to we Kumunity.
Yeh eh.
Now the elders say manners take you a long way. Approach a woman with this, she act like you wa her lingerie.
When I step in to a place of business greet everybody. But the same elders turn round watch me like I use profanity. I should have step out, step in, and rad everybody. Then they would say I lack more than manners, I lack empathy. For the children in the place, plus I’d be acting like a slave. No manners, the ancestors would roll in their grave.
Wa happen to we Kumunity (4x’s)? Repeat phrase…Kumunity (2x’s).
A oy, ah oy, aaaaaah, ah ah ah.
We don’t need your wickedness.
I know you hear me.
We need Kumunity.
It"s not enough we, too much I.
Kum (6x’s)…