Anchants’ “Pompeii”

An all-live, musical recording, “Pompeii’s” progression is noticeable and keenly arranged for you to feel every element of it. From roaring volcanos and mesmerizing chords of melody, to the harmonic resonance emanating from the lyrical content potently presented by lead vocalist, Arif Anwar, “Pompeii” is guaranteed to shake things up! Although, we are used to this when it comes to Anchants’ (“…An alternative to the norm…”), this single hits home in the way how it is based solely around an event that took place a considerable amount of time ago. This means Arif is able to seamlessly show the relevance of this historical event  to today, much like some artist draw references from the Bible. It is also interesting that although this event is as popular as the jewish holocaust, you still hear today – everyday, about new discoveries from the city of Pompeii. So as always, unexpectedly timely, thought provoking, with an “in your face” delivery, perfect for the passion being relayed by this prolific artist. Who, subsequently, is also responsible for musical and lyrical arrangement, mixing and production of “Pompeii”!

In all honesty, the best part of this single is that it is actually a part of a larger volume of works to be presented soon. So stay tuned to what is to come from Anchants in 2023. You will not be disappointed. It is also fair to point out that Anchants is most likely one of few artist to attempt to stay true to the Roots of this music with avenues like a website homebase and printing physical material…subscribe today for more support!



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