fyah Blaze


Anchants’ “Fyah Blaze”: 100% Organic Roots!
With all live instruments, featuring Arif himself on the drums and most Percussions. The militant “Muhumusa Dub” gives a potent, definitive, up-tempo, rootical, even medicinal dose of music providing just the right formula for the final ingredient – those bittersweet lyrics delivered by Divine rite of the Anchants’ lead vocalist, Arif Anwar. Lyrics that address the geopolitics of history, while staying in touch with today. Touching on self governance and so much more; yet the allegory in this song is self-explanatory. Blazing lyrics that you can follow in this age of enlightenment we are all a part of. As such, as we all tap into that Internal/Iternal Fyah, we are being reminded of the simple necessity of this element, as a living construct of existence – fyah transforms. Fyah Blaze was written, produced, arranged and recorded by Arif Anwar…a testament to his musical eccentricism.



“This one is sure to be a torch to babylon!”