VIbrance The Arts Presents: Anchants' "Chatty"



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VIbrance The Arts presents an alternative to the norm, as far as Roots music is concerned. The single, "Chatty", by Anchants, features live instruments on the "Chat Bout Riddim".  A sticky, up-tempo Roots dub, that moves you from the very beginning. "Chatty" covers a wide array of topics. Serving as a guide to remain steadfast in the right, in a world of calamity, with the opening lines... "Youth man on the streets don't you sell no guns". A reminder of the importance of incorporating the Feminine principles, as he states..."ah she", simply put. Cosmological alignment, the awareness of Self and one's role in these times..." It's not that I be, it's just the fact that Be happens to be." Much insight is offered with these lyrics. Ultimately, Anchants "Chatty" is one for the books. A good sound, good message, a good feeling, not just chatty.

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"Chatty" Video
  • "Chatty" Video
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CREDITS: Directed by Arif Anwar for VIbrant Films/VIbrance The Arts Edited by Maalik Gomes c/o Made By Maalik

DESCRIPTION NARRATIVE: Wondering along a trail, some siblings come upon a Yogi in deep meditation. The eldest of the youths had seen him previously. While the younger ones were hesitant, he had more confidence - the confidence to approach. He was startled when the Yogi disappeared only to reappear and grab his hand. What would follow would be the equivalent to a Mantra that would aid in the youths' curiosity; the dispensing of lyrics to assist the young ones in their vision of the world, contrary to how they have been trained to see it.

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